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Pallet Purchasing

Why buy new…when you can buy recycled pallets? Beyond the obvious reason of reducing your costs, purchasing recycled pallets reduces your company’s global footprint. So purchasing recycled pallets is a win-win scenario all the way around!

We get tens of thousands of recycled pallets in our facility each month. We sort and stack the most common sized pallets…and dismantle the rest. Because we have such a large quantity of pallets, runners and boards, we are able to work directly with you to customize your order. Here are a few of the benefits you, and your company, will experience by purchasing our recycled pallets:

  • Reduced costs…up to 50%+ savings compared to buying new
  • Choose different styles including Solid tops, 4 Way Flushes, Blocks, etc.
  • Personalized Orders – If we don’t carry the size of pallet you are looking for, We will build any size pallet you need to the specs you require
  • Heat treated pallets available upon request
  • Delivery – how ever many pallets you need, when you need them, right to your dock or door

Below is a list of our most popular recycled pallet sizes.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your business, please fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you within 2 business days of your submission.

We will work directly with you to create an individualized price list for your business based on your specific order and needs.

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